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20. Bass overdubs with a vintage Fender Jazz

20. Bass overdubs with a vintage Fender Jazz
01. group photo in control room of Studio D 02. Mai getting intimate with her Taylor 714 03. Mona and her sparkly DW dream-kit 04. Chaska strums her strapped-on Strat 05. Becky prepares to nail Follow Me 06. engineer-producer Mark Johnson works the vintage Neve 8048 07. producer Robin Moxey assumes his favorite position 08. RJ string section, Studio A main room 09. Fat beat sounds good 10. Mai in one of two isolation booths, Studio A 11. Becky sits down to lay down sitar on Somebody 12. Chaska belts it out, Studio A iso-booth 13. RJ with our amazing production duo, Mark and Robin 14. Mai considers low end theory for Birthday Malaise 15. Chaska fingerpicks Somebody on her Alvarez 16. Eric Lynn adds grand piano in Studio D to Wyoming Sky 17. David Potter toots his horn on Follow Me, Birthday Malaise 18. Becky in Studio A main tracking room 19. Taking a break, front lobby of The Village 20. Bass overdubs with a vintage Fender Jazz 21. Mark and Robin take a break 22. Percussion overdubs upstairs in Stu Stu Studio 23. 12 string for Deep In My Pocket 24. Robin and Chaska search for the perfect tone 25. How many mics does it take to record greatness